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This is a synopsis of my formal education

Most recent Schools

I  finished with an "A" average at the Cisco Networking Academy, and I am ready to pass the CCNA certification exam (9/26/01)

I have completed my schooling for obtaining MCSE for Microsoft Windows 2000 at in Sacramento (10/5/01).

I also completed my course work for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer NT 4.0 with a 96.41% overall average, but was not able to complete taking the exams before they were retired permanently by Microsoft on 2/28/2001.

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TechSkills     Sacramento, CA
    MCSE Windows 2000 training

MS Windows 2000 Server
MS Windows 2000 Active Directory Services
MS Windows 2000 Professional
MS Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration

2/01 - 10/01

Cisco Networking Academy    Sacramento, CA
    Cisco Internetworking, Routing and Switching
Routers, Switches, Network Engineering practices and procedures. Graduated #1 in my class

9/00 - 9/01

TechSkills     Sacramento, CA
    MCSE NT4 training (96.41 avg)

MS NT 4.0 Workstation
MS Windows 95
MS NT 4.0 Server
MS NT 4.0 Server - Enterprise
MS Network Essentials
MS TCP/IP on MS NT 4.0
MS IIS 4.0
10/00 - 2/01
Sacramento, Ca

CompTIA A+, CompTIA iNet+, CompTIA Network+, ProSoft Certified Internet Webmaster Associate, and All the other IT concentrations for which I have earned a Certification -
included in  my current list of certifications, with these:
BCIP Web Administrator - Linux 7/20/01
BCIP Web Administrator - Unix 9/08/01
BCIP Web Administrator - Microsoft Windows NT 9/09/01
BCIP Web Administrator - Internetworking with Cisco 9/23/01
BCIP Web Administrator - Microsoft Windows 2000 9/29/01
BCIP Web Administrator - Novell Netware 10/1/01
BCIP Web Designer - Page Layout 10/10/01
BCIP Web Designer - Graphic Design 10/10/01
BCIP Web Designer -Multimedia 10/10/01
BCIP Web Developer - Database 10/11/01
BCIP Web Developer - Client-side 11/26/01
BCIP Web Developer - Server-side 11/26/01

2/95 - 12/01

National Computer Training School  Alhambra, CA
    CompuLit - PC Computer and MS DOS Basics

Computer Literacy MS DOS 3.3 & PC Fundamentals

10/89 - 7/90

John Mykut Real Estate School  Lynwwood, WA
    Major Subject: Real Estate Sales Training & Practices
    Minor Subject: Real Estate Property Management

 8/81 - 9/83

Mt. Hood Community College  Gresham, OR
    Major Studies: Architectural Design

9/76 - 5/77

A.F.F.E.S.  U.S. Navy correspondence Training
    Bookkeeping and Accounting

5/73 - 5/74

U.S. Navy Electricians' Mate "A" School
Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois
    Major Subject: Electrical Repair
    Minor Subject: Electronics Repair

11/72 - 3/73

U.S. Navy Basic Electricity & Electronics
Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois
    Major Subject: Basic Electricity and Electronics

10/72 - 11/72

Portland Manpower Center (Job Corps)  Portland, OR
    Major Subject: Agricultural Business
    Minor Subject: Mechanical Repair

11/71 - 4/72

David Douglas High School  Portland, OR
    Major Subject: Mathematics and Algebra
    Minor Subject: Earth Sciences, Biology, and Drafting
9/69 - 11/71