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Thoroughly investigate options before solving a problem
Take action to correct problems in equipment or systems
Work with diverse groups of people effectively
Readily seek input from others in the organization
Stay committed to personal career growth
Able to make quick and sound decisions
Confidently make decisions impacting entire organization
Synthesize information in order to see the big picture
Take on difficult challenges frequently
Understand technical issues
Examine an issue from many perspectives
Pay attention to timing in planning work & making decisions
Analyze problems logically
Understand how my role fits with my organization's mission
Develop realistic budgets
Regularly establish and achieve my own work performance goals
Handle loosely defined work assignments with ease
Manage & allocate resources and manpower
Effectively size up customer needs
Evaluate others' work performance regularly & fairly
Determine the priorities of the organization or department
Explain complex ideas so that they are easily understood
Recognize and recommend changes for improvement
Voice my opinions even when they are unpopular
Keep organization focused on customer needs
Know how to engage people when giving a presentation
Maintain processes or systems
Make a really good first impression
Listen carefully when someone else is speaking in a meeting
Willing to rearrange my schedule to better accommodate others
Communicate well with people who implement the solutions
Keep very accurate records
Develop processes for or map out complete systems
Set up systems or procedures
Be patient with others during stressful situations
Find technically feasible solutions to problems
Trust people I manage to make important decisions
Develop consensus between groups of people
Troubleshoot operational problems
Address mostly day-to-day issues and operations
Write clear, easily understood reports
Learn quickly in a fast paced organization
Know where to go to find information
Stay focused on the organization's future
Can organize large amounts of data
Quickly sense and settle conflicts when they arise at work
Challenge people I manage with opportunities to learn and grow
Negotiate "win-win" solutions inside or outside the organization
Recommend large purchases
Work hard to meet others' expectations of me
Stay abreast of and adapt organization to technological advances
Stick to a project until it's finished
Manage money effectively
Be self-assured no matter with whom I'm working
Collaborate with people from many different departments
Translate good ideas into real operations
Develop detailed project plans
Form on-going relationships with outside contacts
Work hard at keeping the organization's morale high
Organize people into really effective teams
Take time to assist coworkers no matter how busy I am
Edit others written work
Manage project schedules
Can quickly diffuse a customer's anger
Enjoy showing others the benefit of a product or service
Energize and motivate people around me